Is Twitter still viable for marketing?

Twitter Twitter is still going strong, without anyone being able to create significant ROI on the platform.  Companies still pour money into it, just waiting for a monetization avenue to appear – and it doesn’t seem to be arriving. What they may be missing is how Twitter is proving to be a successful marketing tool. It may not ever generate high levels of monetization, featured tweets or not; but it may let you tap into one of the harder elements of marketing that will deliver more in the long run.

Direct marketing versus demand generation

The promoted tweets, and tweets with links, count as direct marketing. Twitter isn’t about that and trying to force it to deliver on a method it doesn’t do well with is going to fail. What Twitter does do better than any other social media platform is to create lateral streams of information. Learning to use these lateral steams well will allow you to up your demand generation for your product, brand or services.

The transition to an awareness platform

Twitter logoWhile Twitter first started with the idea of being able to use the standard monetization platform utilized by other social media networks, it was essentially taken over by its users to become a source for citizen journalism and networking. People may follow brands, but brand tweets with links to sale items are not popular by any means. What is effective is when the brand becomes involved with promoting awareness of things that are not directly related to their product, but are part of the worldview they represent to the consumer. Whole Foods tweets about healthy living and ideas for renovating that are green – and oh yes, they might occasionally include a notice about something going on in their store. This is an example of lateral marketing.

How to use it with your blog or site

If you want to incorporate your Twitter into your blog or site, then you want to make sure that the Tweets add to the discussion. The worst thing is to embed a Twitter feed only to have it reposting endless stream of links back to the same page it is posted on. Think with a larger vision, tweet about what will matter to your market so even if they first encounter it on your page it will create a demand for your kind of information and product beyond the sale.

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